6 Week Transformation Contest - Cutting Edge Physiques

Join the 6 Week Transformation Contest starting Monday March 4th and ending Sunday April 14th! 

You'll receive a questionnaire to complete and submit with photos and measurements along with a copy of the MaX-Hype Macros Calculator and Nutrition Guidebook in order to better understand flexible dieting.

This time you will have the option to purchase the coached version with weekly check ins and adjustments or the stand-alone version where any adjustments will be made on your own and you'll only be checking in at the end of the 6 weeks. You'll still be added to the Facebook Group and able to ask questions any time. 

If you choose the fully coached version you will be required to check in each week for adjustments and changes to your program to ensure that you continue to make progress! You'll also be added to the Cutting Edge Physiques team facebook group!  

We will use the info from your completed questionnaire and provide you with a training program that suits your goals. We will create and assign custom macros and cardio based on your starting point, goals and preferences. You'll be provided with the Cutting Edge Physiques tracking spreadsheet for you to track your weigh ins, weekly averages, daily macros, cardio and training.

The prizes for the best transformation will be $700 for first place, $350 for 2nd place and 3rd place will receive 4 weeks of free coaching! 


What you'll need: 

A digital bodyweight scale that measures 0.2 lbs resolution or better. This can be found for less than $20 from Amazon.com, Walmart or Target.

​A Digital Food Scale that measures 1 gram resolution - also available locally or from Amazon.com

​A free app like myfitnesspal in order to track your macros

You do not need to have any experience tracking macros. We will teach you how to track and hit your target macros and how to use flexible dieting to reach your goals.