10 Days until we fly to NYC - refeed day!

I am officially 10 days out from flying to NYC for the WNBF NaturalMania. I reported in to my contest prep coach, Jeff Alberts of Team 3DMJ (my coach from my 2013 prep as well.), and was given a 300 grams of carbs refeed day today. Which is a nice bump from my current 40 grams of fat, 175 grams of carbs and 170 grams of protein that I'm taking on normal low days. 

I'll enjoy some Dryer's slow churn half fat ice cream and a bowl or two of cereal that I normally wouldn't be able to fit on 175 grams of carbs. Here are a couple of photos from first thing this morning. I'm a bit flat but by far the leanest I've ever been. I weighed in this morning at 140.6 lbs.




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