Athlete Testimonials

Below are the experiences of current and former clients of CE Physiques. Each story below is personal and from a real client that has received coaching or is currently being coached by Cutting Edge Physiques! 


Jhon Cudiamat (2020 Updated Testimonial)
Chris and I have been working together since 2015. Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical about investing in online coaching at the time because the service as a whole was still relatively new within the fitness industry - but Chris immediately captured my attention with his approachable personality and availability early on. Email, social media, you name it - if I had a question (big or small), he was there. 
Shortly after that, he gained my trust with results. My initial problem was that I found it hard to transition away from the typical "clean", "bro", highly-restrictive dieting world and into the principles of flexible nutrition. Chris was able to provide the structure, education/expectations, and accountability needed to help me not only tackle those roadblocks, but excel past them - sustained body fat loss, muscle/strength gains, improved energy levels and more. 
Fast forward to 2019 - I finally decided to compete in my first natural bodybuilding show to make my dad proud (who unfortunately had just gotten sick a year prior). Reconnecting with Chris to be my contest prep coach was a no brainer - he not only had the professional athlete experience himself, but he also already knew quite a bit about how my body responded to nutrition and training from previous years. In our first show, we were able to win 2nd place in the amateur class and 3rd in the debut class. 
As you'll see in the before-and-after photos, this was a true super saiyan transformation.
Since then, Chris and I have been really good friends. He'll catch up with me from time to time and ask how things are going in Chicago (where I live), and I'll of course do the same. So if you're considering having Chris be your coach (whether it be for general weight loss or contest prep), I'd tell you not to waste another minute and do it. It might just be the very thing to change your life around. IG: @jhon.luke
Tony Schober

I hired Chris to help me with my physique goals and he didn't disappoint. Over the course of 12 weeks we went from 193 to 176 pounds.
Most importantly, we accomplished this while maintaining a healthy relationship with food. There was plenty of flexibility and enjoyment in my diet - nightly cereal, weekly date nights, and even a few drinks every week.
Chris is more than just a human macros calculator. He really understands the journey and can help keep you on track both mentally and physically.
By the end of our time together we were adding calories back into my diet and even having refeeds a couple of times each week, which worked great for my lifestyle.
Chris is very relatable and just a great human being in general. I'm a coach myself and knew he would be a great fit, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone who wants to improve their physique.

Below are the top 5 transformations from the 30 Day Cutting Edge Physiques Transformation Contest! 



Amber Kazinski



When I first started this program I thought I had it all figured out. I was working out 6 days a week yet not losing any weight. I was weight training with little to no cardio. My food consisted of multiple cheat meals followed by under eating out of guilt during the week. I hit a plateau for over two months and noticed that I did not have the muscle definition I wanted nor a sustainable nutritional lifestyle. That’s when I knew I needed a coach. I reached out to Chris and he set me up with macro nutrient focused goals, and a strict training program. Words cannot describe the level of respect I have for him! He has taught me so much and I have never been in better shape! Almost everyday I get told I look great and for me, that is huge! Chris is an excellent coach whose drive to push people is incredible. Each day he pushed me, and every week we had new goals. This picture was at my goal weight of 145, something I hadn’t weighed since high school! Now our new goals are to build and then compete in the fall of 2020. All I can say is Chris you are amazing and I am so THANKFUL to have such a wonderful coach like you! Let’s keep the grind going! 

Joel Thomas

Three years. I had over three years of lifting experience – and all the fad diets and workout routines that come along with “experience” – when I came to Chris, but it was during the six months I spent with him that I realized how far I could really push myself. I had never hired a coach before and was wary of personal trainers, but I wanted to really make the stride to transform my body so I thought I’d give it a shot. I didn’t really know where to start in looking for a coach; I knew I needed to do research before making the financial commitment, but most of the coaches I contacted seemed very aloof and hesitant to spend too much time on a “potential” client. Cutting Edge Physique was completely different; before I even made the commitment to join the program as a client, Chris was very willing to spend his time in answering my bucket-load of questions. I told him about my goal to compete and win a Men’s Physique show, and that’s exactly what we did. Chris laid out a game plan of how to properly bulk and flow into a smooth transition for a soft cut afterwards. I was NOT the best client; I missed check-ins often and went over/under my nutrition plan habitually. However, Chris was always quick to personally message me about these fluctuations and he made adjustments immediately rather than waiting for the next check-in a week later. I believe what makes Chris the most unique coach on the market is his genuine care for his clients’ success; he will respond to messages nearly 24/7 (the man doesn’t sleep, I guess), and is always willing to work around roadblocks. We won a Pro Card at my first-ever competition this past year, and I can’t thank Chris enough for investing in me during our prep.        

Tommy Pham

Chris has been phenomenal to work with! He is a one of a kind!

I’m so happy because he was supportive, professional and engaging. All feed back was relevant and extremely helpful! I’d recommend the plan for anyone who is serious about becoming shredded!


Soleih Garcia


Prior to finally contacting Chris Elkins for help I watched him through social media. His physique, process, and training stood out to me; plus, not to mention his online coaching and client transformations as well. I had just hit a rough plateau and I was stuck around the same weight for around a year. I was starting to feel hopeless to see the scale move.. so what’d I do? Probably the biggest rookie mistake and increased my cardio drastically and ate less. When I started with Chris, his adjusted calorie/macro intake for me seemed like so much at first! I even remember complaining to him a whole bunch about being full/bloated. He did an amazing job at always keeping my head straight no matter what I was dealing with at the time, and was beyond understanding. As we worked our way through the 8 weeks, the bloat went away as I adjusted, and I began to feel even hungry most days.

I pushed my body through a whole new level in the gym with his designed training program. Prior to starting with him, as mentioned I did a lot of cardio but also a lot of body weight exercises and way too much accessory work. I was beyond terrified at the thought of starting big compound lifts such as squat/deadlift/benchpress, and Chris helped clear all that doubt in my head in no time. Right off he asked me to send videos of myself completing each compound lift for review and then he responded with feedback, techniques and even videos to help with form. This, and along with his method of warming up prior to each exercise is what has allowed me to progress so much in my training. I love and enjoy the bigger movements now, and often get complimented on my training and form in the gym! Chris, his program, and his ways have all helped boost my confidence sky high.

I was 182lbs on Day 1 Week 1/8, my last weigh in on Day 56 Week 8/8 was 167lbs. A total of 15lbs I lost under his coaching and guidance in only 8 weeks. He helped me spark my own motivation back up that I had lost after being stuck at the same weight for so long...

The amount of knowledge I learned about tracking, macros, weighing, and training will forever stay with me. Reaching out to “FatherFit” was the greatest decision and challenge I have made yet. I without a doubt would highly recommend his coaching to anyone, beginner or advanced; and, I often recommend his Instagram page to many others simply because he is always putting his work out there for us being the generous guy he is. The content and knowledge he shares on there is always something to look forward to. He’s kept me wanting more and better, and i’m going for it. I started his program Max-Hype and after reviewing it I cannot wait to see how much strength and knowledge I’ll gain.

I know I’ll always have a friend to reach out to if I ever need some help, and I’m not quite sure most people could say that about their previous coach.
I'm assured Chris will be cheering me on, he has been just excited about my whole process as I’ve been, and he’s even asked me to stay in touch and not hesitate to ask for help. Of course, thank you could never be enough, but I’ll continue to make him proud.

Stephen Lee
@so_stevey on instagram

I discovered Chris on IG after looking for an online coach. I've been lifting weights consistently for over 10 years but I felt I never got the body definition that I wanted for the work that I was putting in. While I put in the work at the gym, I didn't really know what the best method was to gain lean muscle and lose fat. I used to think carbs were the enemy and should be avoided like the plague (more on this later). I tried all the "diets" - intermittent fasting, carb cycling, keto but I never found the results to be sustainable over the long term. There is so much information out there that it's hard to figure out what works and what doesn't. My goal was to gain lean muscle, lose body fat and to get some muscle definition. Enter Chris...What really stood out to me about Chris based on my research was the fact that he seemed like a down to earth guy with a normal life (i.e. wife, kids, full time job, online coach) but he still had a crazy physique. 

This appealed to me because I wanted someone that didn't focus 100% of their life to the gym/diet since I'm just a regular guy working a 9-5 job with a wife, friends and a social life. I was able to relate to Chris on this level and thought to myself "if this guy can have this physique while juggling the daily challenges of regular life then I can too". This made me confident enough to take the plunge and request his coaching services. Chris is my first coach and I was entering uncharted territory and had no idea what to expect. I started my coaching sessions with Chris back in March 2017 and purchased the 6 month program. At this point in my fitness journey I felt I had plateaued and did not know what to do to gain muscle and lose fat. I was around 185 but I felt flat and was no longer seeing the progress I expected at the gym. Strength plateaued and I didn't have a lot of muscle definition. Chris taught me the basics of weighing my food, tracking macros, being flexible and trusting the process. I thought I was eating and exercising properly before but man was I wrong. I used to think carbs were bad and that I should avoid them at all cost. I also didn't weigh my food before and I did a lot of exercises with the incorrect form. As a result I felt and looked flat and plateaued physically and mentally. Chris was very friendly and supportive from the start and I felt comfortable with him. He taught me the proper form of many exercises (I learned I was always doing half-squats) and about flexible dieting. We lean bulked for 4 months (March -June 2017) and we eventually increase daily carb intake to 400g a day. Chris was able to convince me to trust the process and that in order to gain muscle I would have to be ok being in a surplus and gaining weight and fat at the same time. At this point I ballooned to 197lbs but I was breaking all my previous PRs on many compound exercises (which I was now performing with the correct form). I felt strong and was having fun at the gym again. I was seeing and feeling the progress. At this point we started the cutting phase. We switched to another work-out program, increased the cardio, decreased the carbs gradually and started discovering the gains underneath the fat. We cut for 2-3 months and I was very happy with the results. I am now down to 180 and I love the way I look. However, even more importantly is the fact that I love the way I feel. I have more energy, I feel stronger and more confident at work and at the gym. My gym friends and basketball buddies can't believe the change in physique always ask me what's the secret. I just tell them "get Chris as your coach" because he will teach you what you need to do to get results. I loved my time with Chris and would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn about bodybuilding, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. My only regret is not reaching out to Chris earlier. Chris makes the gaining and cutting phase fun and he taught me the basics of what I need to do to ensure long term sustainable healthy results. 

Sebastian Garcia
@sebgarcia on instagram

When I was getting ready to begin my contest preparation I was looking for a coach that would be involved beyond the surface level. In the past I had coaches whether it be during off season or contest preparation who would only be willing to communicate once a week and the communication was very robotic and simply an instruction, no further questions. Something in my gut told me to go with Chris that he would be different. Right off the bat my initial instinct was correct. Chris was always available for any question and even just to chat about life, something I truly appreciated. Coaching with Chris was more than just getting a fitness coach online, it was gaining a friend who truly cared about my well-being and success. I began very overweight during my bulking phase at 220 pounds and we got down to about 180 through the half year mark. While initially my goal was to compete I had lost my self-confidence and the ability to believe I could go any further. I didn’t express this to Chris initially rather I just stopped checking in thinking he would forget about me and life would go on. But, he took the time to reach out to me when he did not have to, to ask how I was doing and if anything was wrong. I told him I could not take the diet anymore and did not know if I was cut out for competing. It might seem simple, but his response was that he believed in me and saw my potential, and his confidence in me was the push I needed to get back on track. We stuck it through and I ended up losing another 20 pounds to get on stage, totaling 60 pounds of weight loss. I won my class in my first bodybuilding show and I could not have done it without the support and knowledge from Chris. I am forever grateful for the kindness and support Chris has shown to me, he changed my life and helped to make this the best year of my life thus far.

Jeremy Benny
Age: 43
Kervin Rosales
instagram: krvnrsls

How is it working with Chris Elkins? I do not even know where to start. I learned so much from him. He made the grind fun and addicting. I did not even know it was possible to enjoy a difficult and challenging grind. My journey with coach Chris was 6 months long. I came to him as a novice lifter with an average physique. My initial goal was just to look better than average but he motivated to me to go further and we later on decided to compete for Men’s Physique. 

Even though I was only lifting for little over a year, I came prepared and looked good. My friends and family were surprised with how I looked on stage. I was shredded and conditioned. I looked like someone who had a lot of experience with lifting and proper nutrition. Working with him was one of the best decisions of my life. He definitely changed my life. 

I would definitely recommend working with Chris Elkins. If you are someone who wants to get into bodybuilding or just someone who wants to add proper fitness and nutrition to their lifestyle, Chris can help. He will guide you through everything from counting macros to proper lifting. He is a great coach, inspiring individual and an awesome friend.

Marcus Denson
@marcus_denson on instagram

Working with Chris has been awesome. I came to him at 8 weeks out from my first bodybuilding competition. I was starting to panic and was about to make drastic changes to my macros and cardio routine, but then I saw he was accepting clients and decided to email and see if he could help. Within the 8 weeks I went from 175 to 163 and came in ready for the show.  

Chris really does go above and beyond. When I came to him I had no idea how to pose (semi embarrassed of the first photos I ever sent him lol) he corrected all of my poses and even critiqued my posing routine over a FaceTime call. Without Chris I would've came in looking pretty awkward up on stage. Lol. Anytime I had questions about anything I could contact him at anytime and receive a response without having to wait forever. 

I would recommend him to anybody looking to take their physique to the next level and to help make sure they come in stage ready. Awesome coach and super patient (even though I probably worried him sick the last week with the amount of questions I had). Can't thank him enough! 

Savannah Lineberry
It was so great to have Chris as my coach. He always kept me motivated while also teaching me better ways to keep my body healthy and in shape. It is also encouraging to see someone who has a busy life of his own but is still able to keep up with his healthy lifestyle.

On Chris's program I went from 147lbs to 120lbs. Not only have I lost a lot of fat and gained muscle, but my confidence has raised up as well. I was always very insecure on my physique, which lead to starving myself and then working out for hours within a day. I had a terrible self-image and it was starting to really bother me so when my brother introduced Chris's If It Fits Your Macros program to me I was so excited. When I started off I was just wanting to make my coach proud but then it became something so enjoyable to me and I wanted to do this to make myself healthier. After working with Chris I learned that I could enjoy food in moderation, workout without wearing myself out and that I could actually enjoy my life and myself. I am so thankful for Chris being mentioned to me and the improvement I made working with him. Chris is an amazing coach and I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone!
Taylor G.
16 Week Transformation Taylor
I think what I loved about working with Chris is how upfront and personal he is with his life- & that he has one! Unlike so many coaches who are so strict and unreasonable that you feel you have to cut everything out of your life except fitness. 
I was smaller to begin with so the progress may not seem like a "transformation" to some, but I assure you for me it 100% was. & as a girl the best feeling ever is fitting those clothes you've stashed at the back of your closet for that "someday". I've always been self conscious and unhappy with my physique and felt I had plateaued on any progress. That my body just wasn't made to improve anymore. I was so hard on myself mentally and just couldn't shake the negativity. I started working with Chris after my boyfriend got a program and was loving it. From the get go, Chris was positive, motivating, & encouraging. He listened to what I wanted, what my concerns were, & gently critiqued any "off track" moments I had. Which only made me want to work harder and improve more. Where usually I would feel so guilty and reverse my progress by falling off the wagon even more. When I was feeling discouraged at any point, he was there to get me re motivated again.  Having a coach like Chris to keep you accountable on your eating & training makes a world of difference! It started by wanting to do good for my coach & not back track on weekly check in's and it turned into wanting to do good for ME. Body image is definitely an area where at some point in your life I think everyone struggles with, if your tired of starting over and tired of not getting the results like I was, get a program with Chris! He changed my perspective and helped me find the perfect balance in my life with health & fitness while still enjoying being 23! So THANK YOU! & my next progress photos will be even better ;)
Jonathan Velasquez
Jonathan Before Jonathan After

My time with Chris has been extremely educational and inspirational (still is) not only because I was able to get on stage and perform more than I was hoping for, but also because with the information I was able to gathered about myself (physically and mentally) and with Chris’ guidance through this experience I can honestly say that I became a better person and more appreciative of this fascinating “world” of fitness and bodybuilding. After 8 years of constantly going to the gym and enjoying every bit of it, I woke up one day and decided to put my physique to a test - getting on stage and compete. Highly recommended by a fellow fitness fanatic / internet friend, Chris’ name popped up. I checked him out and besides the fact that his coaching prices are very reasonable and competitive, if not the best on the market, I was able to relate to Chris more than any other coach because I am also married and have two kids - I thought Chris will understand me more because of these aspects of life which will need to be managed and balanced as well through my prep process.

From the get-go, Chris was very responsive and professional. Our communication protocols were established right away, and after providing him with some of my personal information, Chris hit the nail with the nutrition and training that I needed for my prep. I have done some “cutting” on my own in the past, but never with professional advice which makes tons of difference. Week in and week out, Chris was on top of how I was progressing and the adjustments I needed to continue making progress towards the goal. He gave me great advice and feedback on my posing and routine as well which are as key as having the best physique in the world – if you do not know how to present yourself no matter how ripped and conditioned you are chances are you may not even place or be called out. Chris was instrumental on all these key ingredients for my success. The more I was seeing myself in the mirror leading up to the show, the more excited I was getting to go out there and have some fun – I did that and more. Until the last minute even during and after competition date, Chris was overseeing things at all times with key advice and recommendations – it was like he physically was there for me. I competed in two NPC shows near my town, in the Master’s and Open Classic Physique divisions. I won the Master’s in one and came second on the other, and came second on both Open divisions. This was above and beyond my expectations, especially considering the fact that you are competing in an un-tested field of competitors. The line-up was very tough and competitive, all competitors showcased amazing physiques. Being a natural bodybuilder, Chris and I knew I was probably in a disadvantage and that we had to be realistic. Even with that, Chris never doubted on his capabilities and experience as a coach and what he can do for me. Overall, he exceeded my expectations and I feel that I surpassed my goal. Aside of attaining the best physique of my life, I feel that with Chris’ help and support I was able to enjoy myself and I learn far beyond what the eye sees. Having a coach was absolutely necessary for my success and I would highly recommend Chris’ services to anyone that wants to compete or even to better yourself. Chris and I are friends now and his friendship means more than me than any medals or recognition I have attained so far. He is truly a great human being and an amazing person. We keep in touch now and he is always accessible for any questions I may have. His advice post-contest has also help me a lot to come back to my normal self as being in a strict diet is no joke. Bottom line, his results are guaranteed – check other people’s testimonials and you can see that Chris has experience on all types of physiques and goals.

Terrance Wold
Shredded Transformation ABS
Alvaro Echevarria
September 5, 2016 - 237lbs
January 27, 2017; 191.2 lbs

When I got back from Washington, D.C. I felt so disgusted with myself. I knew I had to make a change for good. Somehow I came across Chris Elkins and with his help I was able to make progress towards my goal. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone to this. I have a job, full time student, in the Army, that's not including family and friends, to say the least, I'm always busy. There's a lot of sacrifice between these two pictures that only some people will ever know. Still not even close to where I want to be. My final goal is to win a bodybuilding show. Long way to go...
Jessica Chiaramonte
In January 2016 I decided I was ready to train for and compete in my first fitness division competition. I started the process slowly on my own but I knew I really needed the accountability and help. In February I had asked people in a large online group for recommendations for a coach and I received several responses. Chris’ Facebook page was the only one I saw that actually looked like he worked out himself and had clients. I had a gut feeling that Chris would be a great coach and that he was just genuinely a nice guy, so I sent him a message. He got back to me right away (which was surprising, not many coaches do) and asked me a few questions. I was so happy he took me on as a client due to the short notice of the competition date. It turned out my gut feeling was right! With his guidance and support I was able to lose around 15lbs and reshape my physique drastically! I made it to the competition in May and had a lot of fun. From there I qualified for the Provincial level competition in August. We decided to keep working and I competed in August at the next show and qualified for the National level competition! Woot!

Competition prep is not easy and having someone there for you every step of the way is so incredibly helpful, words cannot express how awesome Chris is! I probably whined and complained so much but he remained patient with me and kept me motivated and focused on my goals. I have had a few coaches in the past and the one big thing that stuck out for me was the fact that he answered my questions right away! He is there when you need him, for anything. I never had to wait a week for a response or feel like he didn’t care. Chris Elkins is the best!!! I am looking forward to working with him again throughout my offseason and competition prep in 2018. I HIGHLY recommend Chris to anyone looking for the best support, experience and knowledge to be gained.
Mackenzie Roberts

Where do I even start? 

It’s almost been a year since I started working with Chris and what a year it has been! I signed up for coaching with Chris to start my very first contest prep into women’s physique with very little knowledge in the ways of prepping for a show.

I had lost 40kg on my own over the last few years but after my last cut managed to put a fair amount of fat back on and knew that if I wanted to be stage ready I would need the correct guidance to achieve this and after seeing so many awesome results from other clients I knew that Chris was the coach for me. 

Under Chris’ guidance I prepped for my first show and have been the leanest I have ever been on my weight loss journey placing 2nd in my very first show. 

Not only am I the leanest I’ve been but also the strongest, suffering for some mobility issues Chris has been so incredibly help with working with me on these issues and now I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and getting stronger week by week. 

The amount of time, detail and dedication Chris puts into his clients is awe-inspiring and has allowed me to connect with other clients over the course of my prep where I’ve found limitless amounts of support and motivation over the course of this year. 

It has truly been an honour to work with Chris and I’m looking forward to continue doing so throughout my offseason and prep for 2018, can’t say enough about this guy and the incredible experience of being coached by him.
Frankie Tomasello 

I first contacted Chris in January of 2016 after I saw an advertisement for his coaching services on his Instagram. I had confidence in Chris as a coach because of his relationship with 3dmj and the amazing conditioning that he comes in for his contest preps. Fast forward 6 months later and I can definitely tell you that my assumption of Chris as a coach proved to be correct. Working with Chris, I lost 26 pounds and even increased my strength despite the lower body weight. Not only that, but I grew a lot more confident in myself socially and that confidence translated over to my performance in the gym. I now consider Chris not only as a great coach, but also as a friend. If you want to take your physique to the next level and grow more confidence in yourself, pick Chris as your coach.

Crelson Cabuco


 My Journey with Chris was a little over a year. I started as a novice lifter not knowing what macros were. We came to a goal to compete in a bodybuilding show. Chris carried me the whole way through the process. He was able to help me put on a considerable amount of weight. I started the program at 157lbs and bulked to a healthy 173-175lbs. Then the fun started. We started our contest prep. Chris made it an enjoyable process. Never did I feel too overwhelmed or that the process was hard in anyway. As the weight dropped I saw what we built underneath the fat and I liked what I saw. At show date we got to 147lbs and under 4% bodyfat! I looked incredible. 

My first contest was an NPC Show despite having the odds against me as a lightweight competing in the middle weight division I was able to place 4th in Novice and 5th in Unlimited. We weren’t done yet. We continued to diet and really dial in my conditioning for another month in preparation for another NPC show. This show I was able to place 3rd in my desired division. I was really happy with the outcome and it was a thrill to see my body at its peak conditioning. Chris helped me with posing and handled my peak week. The whole process was fun, exciting, and a dream come true. I’m really looking forward to having him handle my next competitive season in 2018; This time it’ll be with the WNBF.  

I would highly recommend Chris to anyone that wants to make the fitness lifestyle for themselves. He is  understanding, easy to get along with, and is able to connect with his clients. He’s very knowledgeable in the bodybuilding competitive world and will take you to your best physique possible. He’s also not afraid to say what needs to be said to keep you on track. On a couple occasions he had to set me straight, lol. Chris became more than just a coach; he became a brother and a friend.

 Mike Sevilla



I first started bodybuilding seriously as a junior in college. Armed with only the knowledge provided to me by a few friends and YouTube, I began my fitness journey. I completed a bulk and cut season with solid results. That early into my bodybuilding career, I preached about eating ice cream and pop-tarts through a cut, with little to no acknowledgement of the need of a balanced diet.

I met Chris at the San Jose Fit Expo back in 2014 while he was working the LoA booth with Ogus and Lavado. Fast forward some time (and many pounds of fat) later and I was looking to do my first competition. Many of my friends told me that contest prep could be done without a coach, but after a few weeks of "coaching" myself, I realized that, at least for a first-timer, I needed a coach to push me and keep me accountable.

Knowing Chris' experience and knowledge in bodybuilding and contest prep, I knew he would be a great coach. I got in contact with him immediately and like any other good friend, he took me under his wing. I started my prep for the NGA Folsom Natural Mr/Mrs California 30 weeks out and 25-30lbs over stage weight. After a quick and detailed questionnaire, Chris provided me with a workout regimen and spreadsheet to track my weight and caloric intake. Every Sunday I'd check in with him via email about the week's progress, ups and downs, etc. It was immediately clear to me that I picked a great coach. Not only does Chris' own physique demonstrates his knowledge and expertise in bodybuilding, but he also possesses the capacity to easily and patiently convey the right tactics that your body needs to reach your personal goals.

As a client of Chris, you will get personalized regimens and diet targets that will help you achieve your goals whether you are training for a competition, trying to lose weight, or anything in between. He will be there to answer any and all questions you have. If you want to change your life and live a happier, healthier lifestyle, hire Chris. 


 Jack Singleton


My transformation with Chris lasted 6 months. I originally handpicked Chris knowing he was a part of the  “Legends of Aesthetics,” who inspired me with their insane 3DMJ conditioning. I was a guy who carb cycled after a year of lifting and looked incredibly flat and couldn’t move any weight.  Going to the gym became almost like a chore to me. As I bulked a few months later, I was a fluffed up 162 lbs, at 5’7.  And I did not really look forward to going to the gym. My diet was inconsistent and frankly, I thought my genetics were subpar.

So then at the start of prep I was at my second year lifting and the noob gains were coming to an end, my strength was dwindling, as well as my motivation.

So I saved up and bought a 6 month plan with Chris to help myself get back into the game. Chris assigned a flexible dieting plan to help me achieve my goal physique. So I started out at 162 and slowly dieted in a span of 12 weeks and ended up at 145 lbs. Dieting was slow and not that difficult. What surprised me the most was the way Chris factored in my training and diet. My lifts were going up as I lost the pounds. I had no idea this was possible and Chris backs up his knowledge with science.

Overall, Chris was an excellent coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get into the best shape of their life.


JD Schmidt

 JD Before and After

 Wow! What a journey, where do I begin!? Well first off I have been lifting for a few years now and I have invested in multiple coaches before I found Chris. I fell into the low carb trap and cardio everyday by many of my coaches who were old school and didn’t even act like they cared. The crazy thing about all that Is that these are people I knew in person, some of them being “pros”. When I saw a transformation by an online client named Anthony Millan with Chris Elkins, that’s when I said what the hell let’s try it. Chris Elkins is also coached by a respectable natural bodybuilding team 3dmj so when I saw that, I knew I was in good hands. I started with Chris September 2015 and when he first gave me my diet I was so scared to be eating 400 plus carbs and doing little cardio, like my body craved the cardio sessions. But throughout my journey, Chris has been there every step of the way, even when I messed up two days by binging Chris was there to give me a rebound protocol and he made sure to tell me everything will be okay, because of course when we binge we blame ourselves. I plan on staying with Chris for a few year to reach my genetic potential and possibly become a natural pro bodybuilder. I have never met a more humble and personable coach in this fitness industry like Chris, I even Facebook message him all the time and he’s always responding. I can’t believe in the many months we have worked together how much my body has changed. Building muscle and losing fat is known to require a ‘pill or needle”, but with Chris all you need is consistency, patience, and of course CARBS! Almost seven months with Chris and I am down roughly 35lbs and have a complete new outlook on cardio, training, and food. I was able to get rid of my sodium fear as I would always watch my sodium intake even while practicing “IIFYM” but Chris always reassured me not to worry and eventually I listened and I am glad I did. Let’s just say I add salt and condiments to everything now! Hiring Chris can be the best decision you make for your fitness goals as long as you trust the process and listen. He gives you everything you need to be successful. He works full time, has a wife and two kids and still manages to be there for you every day when you need him. I feel like Chris is more than a coach to me, he has become a friend and my dream is to meet the man that changed my life forever one day. I work full time and go to school full time and everything fit into my schedule. If you have any questions regarding Chris or his programs, feel free to shoot me a message on my social media –
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Jhon Cudiamat


Where I do even start?

This flexible dieting program was imperfectly perfect. Just as it should be.

TL;DR - Chris Elkins is the man with a plan!

To be quite honest, I was a bit discouraged when I first heard that Coach Elkins was going to be my online coach for 16 weeks. Truth be told, my goal was to work with Matt Ogus from the former Legends of Aesthetics. Little did I know, however, Chris was about to change my life forever in the fitness game.

Regardless of your fitness experience, I honestly believe everyone interested in this field needs to have a good coach/mentor. After 7+ years of training and experimenting with bodybuilding/powerlifting, I’ve only recently admitted how selfish I was to think that I had to do this on my own. Not even in just the gym, but in all aspects of life, you have to realize that there are people out there who genuinely want to help you progress. My advice - let them.

Cue Coach Elkins. To give you a brief teaser, Chris is one of the most knowledgeable, observant, and caring guys out there in the fitness game right now. For a guy I've only interacted with over email, he's changed my life more than many people in real life ever have. He actually gave me more attention than I did him over the course of 16 weeks. Keep in mind, this guy has a wife, 2 kids, a fulltime job, bodybuilding competitions, and still manages to put his 100% effort into his clients week after week. He is literally the living definition of “flexibility”.

Let the pictures and comments of his previous clients show you what he is capable of. More than that, let these pictures show you what YOU are capable of. Anybody can be informed of the IIFYM - flexible dieting lifestyle (long live the internet) , but it's up to you to make a change that goes in line with your goals and aspirations. Whatever the case may be, you don't have to do it alone. Give Chris a shot.

That's about all I have for you here. If you need more detail on what to expect from Chris as it relates to my story, please feel free to shoot me a message on my Instagram @jhonny_depth 


Jamie Horlick

Instagram @Horlickfitness

 I called out to Chris Elkins for help with my nutrition. I've been training for over 3 years now and it's become a passion. Although I was making progress on my own, I wanted to take it to the next level. Chris is very caring and passionate in what he does. He will do everything he possibly can to help you and answer your questions. Due to his knowledge, wether it's related to training or to your nutrition, no matter what question I had for him I always received a helpful and enriching answer. Not only was I making physical progress, but I was also getting educated about my own body. To me, nothing is more gratifying than knowing how your body works. Thanks to Chris, I can now be optimal in regards to my progress. Some people worry about time and think that having a coach is time consuming... Trust me, with Chris it isn't. He adapts to your needs and schedule. I am currently a full time university student, I have a part time job and still managed to have the time to pursue the program I was given. Chris made everything fit in my daily routine. The tools he uses are very user friendly and can be used with ease. Chris pays attention to details and makes sure everything is on point, leaving you without any worry. Wether you want to do this professionally or simply to be in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, Chris Elkins offers affordable yet premium plans! 


Bradford Lineberry 


 Chris Elkins has been a fantastic coach not only for his in depth knowledge of all aspects of fitness (Nutrition, Posing, Technique, Work-Out Plans, etc.), but he also teaches his clients on the way. I came to Chris with a basic understanding of flexible dieting and a poor gym routine. Through his teaching and coaching I have noticed "all kinds of gains" and gained an understanding for myself on all aspects of fitness. As a coach he is not only motivating and always there to help, but he is also right there doing it himself as well. The best type of coach in my opinion is someone who can not only tell you what to do and how to do it, but also explains why. SO if you are tired of not knowing what you're doing, or ready to take the next step in your physique, nutrition, or overall strength, Cutting Edge Physiques is the coaching you need!


Anthony Milian


16 week transformation from left to right and he's not done! 


Just like anyone else in life, if you are not familiar with a proper meal plan or a gym freak It is easy to get complacent and let yourself go. Well that was the case for me. I always had somewhat of a fitness background, worked out on and off and wrestled in high school. But I was consistently eating out and just pretty much eating whatever I wanted at any given time of the day. One day I woke up and looked in the mirror and said this needs to change. I started watching YouTube videos and came across Chris Elkins' page. I started getting super inspired. I followed him on instagram and sure enough he posted an ad about online coaching. I didn't really know what it meant but I spend so much money on other stuff like shoes and clothes; I said it's time To invest in myself. Let me tell you, it's been the best investment so far. I've lost about 18-20 pounds in 4 months, managed to gain lean muscle while still losing fat. It has been one heck of a journey and it has changed the way I see food and life. Now I know pretty much every calorie that is going into my body. It's a great feeling when people see the change in you and you get complimented. It's just more motivation. On top of that, Chris has been a great coach and friend! Although he may not be there physically it is like he is right there with you! He lays out the path but it's up to you to follow it. If you trust in the program it will work! Yes, you will be hungry, yes, you will get tired and feel like not doing your cardio! But sometimes you have to be like Nike and just do it! Just do it!