Supplements and Recommendations

I am a sponsored athlete with PEScience. PEScience is a quality focused company that creates supplements with effective dosing and ingredient profiles. 


I recommend checking for any questions about any specific supplements and their efficacy and the studies related to their dosage and effects. 


You can use my discount code "elkins" at to save 30% off your entire order. They offer international shipping and affordable pricing for quality, effective supplements. Here is a photo of the supplements that I currently use on a daily basis. And the caption that accompanied the photo which I posted on Instagram on 1/22/2017: 


-I currently have tendinitis in my left forearm and I'm just prone to joint pain and injury in general. TruCurcumin (Turmeric active ingredient) has shown to help with reducing inflammation. I also take Genoflex, another joint support supplement. 

-Prolific is the best preworkout I've ever tried. The ingredient profile is incredible. It has 325mg of caffeine in each two scoop serving but I don't feel jittery at all even though I've had sensitivity to too much caffeine in the past. It has two sources of caffeine. It also has a nootropic called Cognizin. I feel so focused and I also get the best pumps from Prolific. Cotton candy and sunrise both taste great but I drink it pretty quickly before heading to the gym that I don't really get to savor it. 

-I take Aminos intra-workout and during cardio. Mango sunrise flavor tastes great and is so refreshing mid-work. 

-Post workout, I like to have a spinach shake with Select protein and fat free milk. I blend it up and can't even taste the spinach. Quality comes first with PEScience. 

-I've been taking Erase Pro+ for a little over a month and as advertised I feel much leaner. The active ingredient has been shown to reduce subcutaneous water retention. I was most skeptical about this one yet even though the scale weight hasn't changed much in the couple of months, I look visibly leaner. I recently purchased a second month supply. I just now went back to and looked at the active ingredient and I could probably do a separate post just on Erase Pro+. It multiple studies showing a notable effect in reducing anxiety and cortisol and increasing power output in trained and untrained subjects. Super interesting...

-I haven't started taking ZMA yet and not pictured is creatine which I take daily. 

-Supplements aren't magical. Diet and training are still the foundations and cornerstones of building muscle and an aesthetic, healthy and strong physique, however they can be helpful. I recommend checking out the website before taking any supplement and examining the efficacy and studies regarding its use and dosage. Being informed and making objective decisions are key!