31st week of dieting and 1.5 weeks out from show day posing update

Here it is guys.... this is possibly the penultimate posing update of this forever long contest prep. However, if I don't get the pro card at this next show then I have to make a hard decision on doing another show, as soon as possible or possibly taking a diet break and hitting a show up after a short prep towards the early part of next year. Both options have their positives and negatives.

I'm trying to stay confident because I know that I'm bringing my best physique to date and presenting a truly shredded finished product to the stage in less than 10 days. I'm hoping to get that pro card and the above decision making will be little more than an afterthought and a what-if scenario instead of an undesired outcome. 

Either way, let me know what you would do and what decision you would make. I know I have more in me but I would love to enjoy football season with some well deserved food and additional body fat :) 


Here is the update. I hope you enjoy it and as promised, I'm trying significantly increase the output of the videos and provide you with more content as we lead up to this show. 


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  • Steph Wright

    You’ve worked real hard to get where you are today, I don’t see why you wouldn’t kill that show next week. If someone comes in a bit better than you and wins, that should motivate you to come in better next show. You already said you are by far the leanest you’ve ever been… Keep grinding till you get that card and you never know what kind of doors open up from there. You can do it Coach.

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