Epic training session this morning

So yesterday (Sunday the 13th) I hit a new 2015 contest prep low weight of 139.2 lbs and I'm feeling quite lean. I have apparent glute striations and triceps and tear drop are both feathering. Abs are cross striating as are my traps. It's all pretty awesome to see. I've been checking in with my weight daily with Jeff Alberts and periodically with photos as well. He gave me the world's smallest refeed but it seemed to have made quite a difference since I didn't do cardio or lift yesterday either.


Macros for low days are currently 40 fat, 175 carbs and 170 protein. Yesterday I was given 50 fat, 200 carbs and 170 protein and I was pretty strict with it overall. It's hard to fight the urge to take a bite of my kids' food but I'm doing my best and keeping up that discipline.


Here are some photos from this Monday morning upper body training session which is usually pretty productive post refeed. The progress pics with a pump and in the gym lighting came out way better than I was even expecting. I am ready to absolutely crush it on stage. We take off to NYC in about 72 hours from now and my eye is on the prize.


Let me know what you think of these pics. I can only imagine how much fuller I can get with an actual legit carb load and some DreamTan :)




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