Peak week protocol!

The day has finally arrived. We're no longer digging for more fat loss for this upcoming show on Saturday, we're now focused on filling up but not spilling over. Normally Wednesday is a rest day from training and a normal cardio day.

We have ceased cardio for now. It was a consistent 6 days per week of medium intensity steady state of 400 to 500 calories per session depending on time and energy levels. We were digging with low days of 40 fat, 175 carbs and 170 protein, a meager 1740 calories per day.

We skipped the rest day and moved my push day to this morning and tomorrow will be pull and Friday will be a day off or if I have some time I'll see about doing a light circuit but I may not be able to make it to a gym in NYC. 

Macros for today are 40 fat, 300 carbs and 170 protein. The idea is that we won't need as much food to fill up since we are stopping cardio but if that doesn't happen to be the case then adjustments will be made. I'll be checking in daily with Jeff to discuss the plan and make sure we are on track. Tentatively, tomorrow will be the same 40/300/170 and I'll know right away based on my pump and strength in the gym how things are going. Friday is planned to be a little more conservative with 50 fat, 250 carbs and 170 protein. I'll be in New York by Friday morning and will be eating on the go but staying accountable. I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of walking and I am going to need a LOT more food but as always I'll be in constant communication with my coach, Jeff Alberts and will trust in his judgement. 

Prejudging for the amateur classes on Saturday won't actually happen until the afternoon so we have a fairly moderate amount of food to consume prior to prejudging. I'll definitely VLOG and update everyone as best as I can. I'm doing my best to not stress over the potential results, number of competitors, quality of competitors etc and just enjoy the process, experience and sights of the city and eventually get that celebratory beer and pizza post show! 


Pretty flat, fresh out of bed, before water, food or training - time to fill out! 

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