New vlog and posing update after first carb load day! Updated peak week protocol

Hey guys! I am so excited for this trip. Everything is coming together and it's almost time to step on stage and have a good time. We fly out tonight and land in New York tomorrow morning. We'll have the whole day free to sight see and enjoy the city. Hit me up if you have any good recommendations. 

I just got my check-in with my coach and food has been upped a bit after my lower than yesterday weigh in this morning. I do look fuller in this morning's video though. Here is the VLOG and posing update that I posted on YouTube. I hope everyone that is following along is enjoying these!

Regardless, they are fun to make for the most part and it's nice to document the entire process to remember years and years later. My numbers for today were planned to be 40 fat, 300 carbs and 170 protein but after the weigh in and video they are now set for 50 fat, 325 carbs and 170 protein. I will enjoy those extra 10 grams of fat and 25 grams of carbs like you wouldn't believe. I also had my last full training session this morning before the show on Saturday. It's almost bitter sweet since I really do enjoy training lol 

I actually like cardio too but I'm not sad that I had my last cardio day on Tuesday haha 

Here is the video guys! 


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